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Over-cab vehicles
Over-cab vehicles
Custom construction for all vehicle types to customer's suggestions



























We provide over-cab solutions for every imaginable vehicle, custom built to the design and size specified by our customers.
The only limits are the maximum dimensions prescribed by law (L=12m; W=2.55m; H=4m) and the maximum loaded weight allowed for the vehicle.
We match our panels (made on site) to the technical requirements demanded by the size and application specifications, this ensures that the finished product is a functional, robust and durable vehicle.
Additional options for cabin construction: e.g. drop-frame for rear garages, storage compartments with and without covers for side or central mounting below the vehicle, auxiliary frames, double floors, interior and exterior steps, folding over-cab floors, spoiler between over-cab base and vehicle roof, side screens, rear fenders, roof rack systems, paintwork, window installation – or a ready to roll motor home, are all parts of our range.
Finding a suitable chassis for your cabin is easier when you start by selecting your interior layout, which defines the resulting cabin size.
Considering custom specifications, such as bike carriers, tow-bar, rear garage, larger water tanks etc., it is relatively easy to decide which chassis offers the best platform for your custom cabin.
Talk to us – your requirements and concept, along with our experience and capability, will soon make your dream vehicle become a reality.

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