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Expedition vehicles
Expedition vehicles
We deliver field tested, durable technology at a fair price!





































Years of experience in body construction, and around 300 completed expedition vehicles, operating under most difficult conditions around the world, have shown us that our production techniques provide the best solutions for perfect and long-life expedition vehicles.
The fact that over 50% of our production is built on 4x4 chassis speaks for itself.
We deliver field tested, durable technology at a fair price!
We make our own sandwich panels to your requirements and technical specifications. For expedition vehicles, we use thicker GRP facings (in part, fabric reinforced) than used for our “standard” cabins.
We also construct sub-chassis, to ensure that the cabins and chassis are a perfect, homogeneous and technically sound solution for the chosen vehicle class, and a stable platform for further construction.
Whether 3 or 4 point suspension or spring mounted frames depends on the intended use and vehicle class.
Of course, we can also provide a wide spectrum of additional services, such as driver cabin access, or the installation of spare wheel mounts, extra fuel tanks, winches etc and complete, ready to roll expedition vehicles.
For specific off-road applications, we also manufacture specially insulated doors and covers to order
(GRP frames with the same insulation as wall panels), with stainless steel fittings and multi-locking systems.
We generally build our bodies on MAN, Mercedes, Unimog or Bucher platforms.
New or prime condition used vehicles, generally originating from our customers, can be adapted – we would be pleased to offer our help in finding the suitable vehicle for your needs.

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