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Special constructions
Special constructions
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Individuality and the technical fulfilment of customers needs are our prime objectives.
Here you can see some examples of some of our special projects - quite different from our "normal" motorhome range.
- Cabins with elevating roof (fabric or rigid sides)
- Cabins for the disabled, with lift and wide doors.
- Trailers for  all terrains, long distance travel or motor sport
- Sales and promotion vehicles
- Semi-trailers
- Containers for various applications
- Slideouts / draw sections for increasing space when parked
- Vehicles with car garages
- Frame modifications for load carriers, towing gear or other uses
- Specially formed designer cabins
S001 Semi-trailer on Iveco Daily basis, for motor sport use
S003 Promotion cabin on DB 817, without cab access, with spoiler cab.
S005 Container for air monitoring, with roof mounted loading dead-eyes
S014 „Van“ (Fun-mobile) on DB 813
S025 Slideout on Circus trailer
S032 Mazda motorhome cabin with slideout
S035 Low-profile Mitsubishi cabin with elevating roof (suitable for low garages)
S038 Compact cabin onToyota - Hilux with cab access (no standing room)
S042 Over-cab cabin on Nissan King-Cab with elevating roof
S055 Mobile shop on Fiat Ducato
S075 Cabin without over-cab compartments, with cab access on Iveco Eurocargo 4x4 chassis
S078 10.5 m 4-axle Toilet cabin, with ball-head trailer coupling
S081 Cabin without over-cab compartment, with cab spoiler and access to MAN L 2000
S085 Motorhome cabin without over-cab compartment, with access to cab and rear garage
S097 Air-braked semi-trailer on Chevrolet
S101 Mobile shop on Mercedes Sprinter
S110 Unfitted cabin on air-braked semi-trailer chassis for US pickup
S111 Long-distance caravan on single axle chassis
S133 Side fitted wheelchair lift, open
S134 Rear fitted wheelchair lift with standard door
S137 Drop-frame on chassis (7.5t) with detachable tow bar
S202 Off-road caravan
S203 Nissan King Cab semi-trailer
S209 OKA with elevating over-cab compartment
S212 DB 814 with cabin without over-cab compartment, with access
S218 Rear garage for Mini, in DB 1828
P034 Designer cabin on Chevrolet pickup

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