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Cabins and vehicles
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Our product range covers the spectrum of small pickup cabins to large semi-trailer cabins. You decide which form, size, design, fitted or unfitted. We can provide the right solution for just about any requirements in the world of motorhomes and custom bodywork.
In addition to motorhomes and unfitted cabins, we can also provide expedition vehicles, mobile sales vehicles and service vehicles for motor sport, mobile office cabins, paramedic vehicles, containers and bins for various purposes, and GRP panels for DIY conversions.
We would be pleased to provide a price quotation without any commitment, for any vehicle project you may be planning.
ORMOCAR – Custom body construction offers significant benefits.
As we make our own GRP composite panels, we are in the position to fulfil almost all customer requirements, each body is custom built according to your wishes.
  • Windows, doors, storage compartment flaps (to your specifications! with aluminium or plastic frames), roof windows etc. can be installed anywhere in the cabin.
  • Straight walls simplify the planning of interior fittings and furnishings.
  • The glass-fibre reinforced polyester interior and exterior facing of the frameless body construction is resistant to corrosion and rotting, and guarantees extreme durability.
    The complete cabin construction can be fitted on a new chassis if required (often after 10 – 15 years, when the previous chassis is to be replaced).
  • Simple attachment of furniture to the walls
    (Spax screws and PU – adhesives)
  • Continuous GRP facing (maximum panel format 13.3m x 3.1 m) for all exterior and interior panels ensures extreme stability
  • Ideal overall insulation due to superb insulating properties of the rigid expanded plastic foam core and the cold bridge free adhesive technologies used during assembly
  • Low weight
  • Suitable for extreme roof loading
  • Floor (52 mm / in standard version), interior 12 mm waterproof bonded plywood panels, underside 3 mm GRP facing. This provides a perfect base for furniture and floor coverings, and the best possible protection against damp and corrosion from outside the body.
  • Interiors of walls and roof are also GRP faced. This method of construction ensures durability and a high degree of stability (prevents warping, walls can be used as wet room dividers without additional waterproofing.)
  • Wheel and step housings are made from fully insulating GRP laminate panels
  • Accident damage can be repaired easily by laminating and filling. The cabin will generally not deform if damage is localised.
  • Our GRP facings consist of highest quality factory made materials with constant thickness and extreme stability. They are hygienically neutral and food grade quality
  • On request, we use either rounded or 90° angle sections, which can be reinforced for off-road applications.
Technical data
Wall and roof panels:
Exterior: 1.8 mm white coloured glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) (options: 2mm or 3mm) Insulation: 37 mm expanded polyurethane foam (available options: 49 mm or thicker), density 50 kg/m³
Interior: 1.8 mm stronger GRP in white (available options: 2mm or 3mm)
Interior: Multiplex-plywood (waterproof AW 100) 12 mm thick, 3 mm GRP exterior, 37 mm expanded PU foam insulation (optional: 49 mm or thicker)
Panel thickness options from 30 to 100 mm
Standard panel weight 7.6 kg per m²
Floor panel approx. 15 kg per m²
Fracture and splinter resistant to DIN 52306, TÜV certificated
Flame resistant to DIN 53438
Pressure resistance ca. 500 kp/dm²
Shear strength approx. 300 kp/dm²
Loading tolerance (panel) +/- 5%
Insulation value - K-value
Thickness   K-Wert   K-Wert 
In mm   in W/qm.K   in Kcal/qm.h.°C 
30   0,87   0,75 
40   0,64   0,55 
50   0,51   0,44 

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