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Interior finishing
Interior finishing
Complete travel and expedition vehicles - custom built to your specifications.








In spite of the wide range of “off the shelf“ vehicles available on the motorhome market, everyone knows how difficult or impossible t is to find exactly the vehicle you want. Problems with the wrong interior lay-out, compartments too low, seating arrangements too large, tanks too small, poorly finished furniture – to name just a few!
We have the solution!
Tell us exactly what you want – together we can plan your dream vehicle, and our experts will make your unique motorhome reality.
Based on years of extensive experience – especially in the construction of heavy-duty expedition vehicles – the functionality, stability and durability of our products leave nothing to be desired.
Nevertheless, we never forget design and comfort - the use of high quality and innovative materials ensures the “wellness factor” of all our vehicles.
  • Our standard line offers various furniture finishes:
    Plastic coated poplar plywood boards with plastic edging (in more than 100 different finishes and colours)
  • Plastic coated poplar plywood boards with real wood veneer edging (optically identical to solid wood, various wood finishes available)
  • Poplar plywood boards with real wood veneer and surface finish to order
  • Other facings and  materials are also available e.g. GRP, Formica or aluminium finishes and weight saving furniture elements in sandwich construction.
As far as possible we avoid the sometimes inferior materials generally used for interior construction in the motorhome industry. In comparison, we use high quality materials from other branches (aircraft industry, building industry) e.g. for hinges and fittings, sanitary wares etc.
Quality and individuality, functionality and perfection are our keywords in the construction of both ORMOCAR cabins and our interior finishes.
We would be pleased to make you a price quotation for your complete dream vehicle.
Please let us know the following criteria, if known, or make an appointment with us: Cabin size and form, number and size of windows, number and size of storage compartment flaps, roof windows, cabin finish details, floor, wall and ceiling finishes (e.g. wallpaper, PVC, wood panelling, carpet, cork etc.), floor plan, furniture finish and type, kitchen (refrigerator, cooking facilities etc.), water supply (capacity, frost proofing), wet room (WC, separate shower), heating, power supply (battery size, solar cells etc.), gas supply (bottles, tank), special equipment (motorcycle garage, air conditioning, generator, Satellite-TV, oven etc.).

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