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Special components
Special components
ORMOCAR Specials ‚Äď only available online!








Construction fittings
1 Stainless steel hinge
Length, open: 155 mm
maximum width: 67 mm
Drilled: 6 mm
Art. no.: 7112 _ 17,80 EUR
2 Pinned continuous hinge
various lengths, wear free, maintenance free, waterproof, (compound aluminium/PU)
Art. no.: 7115 _ p.m. 55,50 EUR
3 Bar lock
consists of: shell handle, lock (without profile cylinder), connecting rod, end pieces, interior and exterior handles, connecting rod guides
Galvanized rod lock with handle 229,- EUR
Rod lock with handle stainless steel or Gfk 265,- EUR
4 Door insulation strip
(easily fixed to the sandwich wall)
Length: 2,7 m
Suitable for following wall thicknesses:
21 mm Stab _ Art. no.: 7117 _ 32,50 EUR
40 mm Stab _ Art. no.: 7118 _ 33,50 EUR
53 mm Stab _ Art. no.: 7119 _ 37,50 EUR
Entrance steps
Folding steps
extremely stable, space saving construction,
Art. no.: 1028,1 _ 15,80 EUR
Entrance step
Art. no. 1031,2 _ 31,90 EUR
Aluminium fender
Aluminium fender
with high resilience rubber buffers. Length:  2.4 m
A robust fender with lateral reflectors (also suitable as underrun protection)
Often installed in our custom bodies.
Art. no.: 3412 _ 159,00 EUR
Aluminium rails
stable construction with swallow-tail mounting for special M 8 nuts. The rails are glued and riveted to rear or roof of custom bodies, creates a high stability base for carrying bicycles, motor cycles or roof carrier systems. Dimensions: width 100 mm, height 15 mm.
Art. no.: 3411 _ 18,00 EUR
Special nuts
for aluminium rails
Art. no.: 3411.1 _ 0,95 EUR
Mini-box cover
Simple (plastic) with lock, for skirt mounting (tank, gas, etc.)
Dimensions: 170 x 170 mm
Art. no.: 2606 _ 23,50 EUR
Custom sized water tanks
Our water tanks are made to order from high quality polyethylene.
They are food grade quality and are perfectly suited for the storage of drinking water. They are available in almost any size and shape and can be supplied ready fitted with filler/drainer system and cleaning access. Delivery usually takes around 3 weeks. To make a price quotation we require a sketch with the dimensions of the tank you need.
Interior furniture
Our lightweight poplar plywood panels are easy to work with. Simply cut to size, and your furniture and walls are already finished in ‚??cabinet maker‚??s veneer‚?Ě quality. The material is rip proof; there is always a clean cut and professional quality too. We can supply these panels in various finishes (plastic). Together with our edging program, our furniture fittings and hinges, you can combine these products to make a perfect interior. Cutting to size is available for an additional charge.
Drop leg/Screw jack supports for pickup cabins
Loading weight 1500 kg per leg
Screw section length (central section) 350 mm
Drop leg length (lower section) 340 mm
Max. length open 1300 mm
Length closed 600 mm
Tube diameter (top section) 70 x 70 mm
Footplate size 120 x 160 mm
Art. no. 3420N _ 137,00 EUR
Storage compartment flaps to order
We can custom build nearly any door or storage compartment flaps. Just choose the frame finish (silver, brown anodised or white) and the form (rectangular or rounded corners). Please ask for delivery times and prices.

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